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Saturday, July 31, 2010

We did it :-)

This Friday 2010 July 30 was a great day for us the new Models in Classical w/ Style : the Ceremony of our Graduation.

I use this paper to first congrats all who participated in a way or another to made it a pretty and funny event.
So sure Anrol Anthony and Steve McCullough who work hard to have this place full of life and great events.
Then Lisana, Taby and Veronica the team who works hours and hours to teach and help and gave us all the strong bases upon what we can involve.
Deebie who was always near us helping us and made this event funny with an enjoyable dance choreography.
And without to forget the great and friendly creator Ayiki Takakura who made our Graduation formal.

By my side, all began with lot of stress. I came there to load quietly all the room around and be quiet later to rez fast all in world. I met there Victoria who was practicing. Then Victoria leaved thinking, like me, that we still had more than one hour before the beginning of the Event.

I was ready to leave too to go in my home prepapring listening some music which relax me, when Mali arrived and told me that the training will begin now. I couldn't beleive it and check back the NC about it, The confusion took us until Anrol and Steve arrived and I understood that like others we had lost some news about this event time.
I felt a little anxious about the ones who was still not online. Lucky Lua connected and I just could fast IM her to hurry to wear her suit and come as we were beginning right now. I was sad to see the practice ending Victoria still not back and Paris no more.

The practice was beginning with some stress as if we were passing a second time as if all was to be done again, until we had all ended the turn and Anrol joined us for the finale picture with Debbie (I just miss Victoria on the picture).
Then Debbie invited us to dance and the stress was over and we felt we did it and could be quiet for the real Ceremony.

We received our Diploma and I think I shacked it in hand to the end, afraid maybe to loose it.

And Victoria came, just in time for the Ceremony. I think her surprise was strong and her stress much higher than ours, but she was there and so didn't loose anything, I felt much better to see her with us.

During that time the people came, and also it was nice to see Taby back. To see Lisana there was also a comforting feeling! No because she speaks French but because she impressed me often how she is , all her gilts and all her work often so kindy.

My only regret was to have noone of my first friends there, the European late time couldn't make them online.

The Event had turn right, was enjoyable to see the others enjoying the moment and specially Lua who had to make a speech without to have knew before she will, that made me smile to the end of the event :-)

A new way is opening now. Somewhere this past month will stay in our life, not often easy, not always funny, but a great month during when I also could learn a lot about SL.
Now I don't feel anymore newbie. Sure I still have a lot to learn, we always learn each time, but I feel ready to feel confident in this virtual world and in CWS family. The following story is to be written by my own hand.

The closure of the event let me go alone to think as if I was awaking after a great sweet dream. I had walk around a long time. Victoria and Lua sent me these little gifts and it touched me a lot. I had stop to walk to take this photo.

I could dance alone , the wind drying my tears, until my legs got powerless and the sleep caught me and the curtain fell.

Congrats to all in this July class:

Desi McKeenan
Lua Vendetta
Mali Taurus
Mesange Acacia
noot Fairlady
paris Unplugged
Victoria Allegiere

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

UCWS Graduation Class of July

On July 30 at 4:00pm slt will occur our official graduation. A special time for Lua, Paris, Desi, Mali, Victoria and I. It will be here in world

I had never saw this ceremony so for me again all will be new. Ayiki Tekakura had created the outfit we will wear. Ayiki was kind to have show me all her great job in her shop and place.

I still can't tell much more, just waiting this event....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mesange CWS Model...

Yes I got and did it :-) ooooooooooooooffffffffffffff

I have to thanks all the people who had helped and encouraged me. From Debbie to Ariana, all the CWS team, from Steve who called me to Anrol who finished to accept me and so the trainers and all the team: lisana so kind and patient, Veronica (our time zone doesn't help to meet often) and Taby I met too few and is out of SL for few days.

I don't like much to talk about myself, but I have to do it a little and first to tell that I spent a great July month, I had lot of fun but stress time, but a good stress the one wich push you, motivate you.

One month learning a lot, as new in SL it was not often easy as I had to understand faster some SL things before to be able to work on the homeworks.
But it was a good way to progress.
I begin to feel easy with SL and these classes teach me lot of and not only about Modeling and CWS but useful everywhere anytime and make me feel now more confident in world.

I thanks here the other students who had often sweat and cried with me :-)
Lua, Desi, Victoria, Paris and noot who had shared with me this formation and wish them fun. We have all different goals and different motivations but we will still improve.

I thanks the great CWS trainers: Lisana, Veronica and Taby. They are so welcome and spend lot of time helping others. It's a great feeling to see them performing. Thanks so much to you.

I thanks Steve who had found me in my newbie SL way and gave me a way to follow.

And then thanks so much Anrol too. She finished to accept me with my mistakes and some confused English words that made me bore her stupidly .
( So now I know the difference between GO out, and COME out ) :-)
I will suffer again as I was told that Steve and Anrol didn't plan to learn french ;-)

A special word to DebbieDoo! without her nothing of all that could happen.

Thanks to all :-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Velvetrims Designs Show

Yesterday, for the first time I could watch a Dome show. It was at Classic w/ Style and was presenting Velvetrims Designs' Velvetori Twine.

Anrol has begin the show introducing Ms July Calendar winner: Maleha Inglewood. Then introducing Ms Candylicious Forster as the new pageant winner for Ms USA.

The show began with some lag and even with some moves were disturb it fast run right.

There were many models and many turns and I had try to follow right as much as I could. Only one regret maybe too few men models.

Catched by the show and the wish to try to learn how they work I didn't take many pictures, I put them here.

The clothes were all nice and most as built with rainbows light. Full of color and original design, enjoying!

About the men models I was specially impressed by Didier Rascon, As a newbie I can be wrong but with the few I know and the feeling I got he was perfect and I really appreciated his performance.

With all these models I could also appreciate specially my friend DebbieDoo Tigerfish, but also lisana Rossen and tabytha1 Baily. The two last ones are my teachers and to see them performing so perfectly was enjoyable. It seems that even the lag can't disturb them.
About the teachers I just regret that VeronicaLynn Parx was not performing too :-)

To have watch these great performers and the others, to have breath the feeling of this kind of show, understanding what I could see was a great time.

I forgot to take a picture of the final standing, with all the models on the runways, but I was already enough impressed that I could just look applauding.

I thanks a lot all the models, Anrol and Steve and the Velvetrims Designs team
for this great moment.

Only one shouldn't be invited there is Mr Lag ! ;-)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Styling Summer daily Event

Today was my first event/contest.
I was a little nervous as all was new and was not sure to mix crossing my feet on runaway. And more when I saw there were great models like Maleha Inglewood and ladysunfire Erin. To perform with them was a good lesson for me watching them, but not sure I will not be ridiculous.
There were four others Models , only one was a man.

How the event began was exactly what I didn't wished. To be called first!
I was expecting feeling the air while watching some others performing.
And... it's what happened: I was called first!

I was ready to do my best with the few I still know. I was a little nervous as it was the first time but my heart broken when , after few steps to the first stop I saw myself walking and walking and walking without a stop and ... boom , my viewer disconnected me!

I felt shy, I came back and sadly went back to the backstage unable to calmdown my heart and feeling the shame around me.

With kindness I was called again after all the others. I did the job blushing, unable to really think right, hoping just to move not bad without to make a mistake.

But I could watch the others. And it was hard to choose the best as they were all good, and teh judges had chosen ladysunfire Erin as winner. You can see her picture on the upper right side of this paper.

I was happy too that Noot fairlady came 2nd and
Maleha Inglewood 3rd. A little sad for the others.

It was for me a hard practice, but I learn, and tomorrow is another day.

Congrats to Maleha, Noot and ladysunfire.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Styling Mardi Gras contest event

Yesterday (6:00pm slt) occurred a contest event called Styling Mardi Gras .

Unfortunately it was too late for my European time and I couldn't joined it but I use of this little space to congrats Kiralyn Destiny who won, and also Laylah Lecker and Victoria Allegiere who complete the podium.

Kiralyn Destiny is a great Model, and she already won great events like Ms HawaiI 2009. I had like when she told I don't believe you always have to win to be a winner . She had kind words about the students who joined this event and encourage them.
With kindness she gave me this picture of the winner podium yesterday where you can see how great she was dressed for this Mardi Gras Styling event.

You could read more about this event on CWS website here.

I expect to be able soon to watch and join some events and meet you there for one of the best fun in SL and real pleasant time.

Winners picture by Kiralyn Destiny

CWS & the blog creating class

This is my first message, thanks to tabytha1 Baily to have taught us how to create this blog.

And I use it to thanks so much DebbieDoo without her I could never run this way.

I just need now to write in it.