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Saturday, February 26, 2011

VOGUE on the net

Tonight we did a VOGUE" show, and despite the inevitable Mr. Lag everything went well
Vogue is a rich creator with great ideas and a real personality. Our role was simply to allow us to move the clothes to show the clothes: more the dress is great and sophisticated less the model should think of him/herself.

During rehearsal all went well and every one could move without problems.. It was not the same during the show, at this time (22:00 in France) the net seems to be very busy in Europe.

I thank now here Meimei and Diana, with whom I turned, and either stress or nervousness due to the lag accompanied us, we did it.

Debbie told me she saw me all gray, so I edited my appearance .... And after that I could not read the names of people! Fortunately I had already prepared everything and could make the show., And so I use this post to apologize to the ones who had congrats me without I could know who they were.

I am always impressed by Lisana job and its quality, and the relaxation of Laylah. I have a special thought for Tiffany, Alelitz and of course Lua without whom these shows seem not complete.

Come see what CWS team can do, with or without me, in this virtual world Anrol and Steve have created the best and successful events. Come also to applaud them!

Soon I hope