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Friday, June 10, 2011

On a Dark sad but beautiful music

All the time spent to learn and create videos doesn't allow me to write a lot here.
Working on videos is new for me and I like it more and more. I'm still a newbie but maybe I could speak more easily and better.
Sometimes I'm captivated and impressed by a music I listen and this new Video was build upon and from it.

If you dislike to see me then just close you eyes and listen. ;-)

This music is To Dream with you from Desaparecido (Disapeared) album
by Jorgestrada.

Thanks a lot to Jorgestrada for sharing this great music.

The outfit I wear was the one I had wear at the Hypnose CWS show on 2011 Sat June 4th, and was created by Nany Piaggio.

This music is free under Creative Commons License and you can find it on Jamendo website.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Discovery the CWS' Blue Place.

While discovering the new CWS's Blue Place and prac ticing the new formation I recorded some parts of the training.

The place is very nice and while I was listening a listening a music I decided to try a little Vidéo about it, played upon that music.

It's my 2nd Video, this time in HQ ( still learning )

And here it is.

Music : Tha alquemy of air by Rafael Zacher
By : BABEL SIN FRONTERAS por Jorgestrada
available in : Jamendo http://www.jamendo.com/
sous Creative commons License

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My First video

Yesterday I could publish my first vidéo on Youtube

I did it for the fun, as I begin to know how to create videos.

I did it to thanks Spisfire and his Black Album for this great music which motivated me to create this video!

And I did it to thanks the CWS team Anrol, Steve, Debbie, Lisana, Taby , Veronica, Laylah who had taught me a lot, and all the friends there with who and from who I had learn too: Lua, Aisha, lady.
and a thanks to Tiffani too with who it's so fun to perform and work.

Thanks to all of you!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

VOGUE on the net

Tonight we did a VOGUE" show, and despite the inevitable Mr. Lag everything went well
Vogue is a rich creator with great ideas and a real personality. Our role was simply to allow us to move the clothes to show the clothes: more the dress is great and sophisticated less the model should think of him/herself.

During rehearsal all went well and every one could move without problems.. It was not the same during the show, at this time (22:00 in France) the net seems to be very busy in Europe.

I thank now here Meimei and Diana, with whom I turned, and either stress or nervousness due to the lag accompanied us, we did it.

Debbie told me she saw me all gray, so I edited my appearance .... And after that I could not read the names of people! Fortunately I had already prepared everything and could make the show., And so I use this post to apologize to the ones who had congrats me without I could know who they were.

I am always impressed by Lisana job and its quality, and the relaxation of Laylah. I have a special thought for Tiffany, Alelitz and of course Lua without whom these shows seem not complete.

Come see what CWS team can do, with or without me, in this virtual world Anrol and Steve have created the best and successful events. Come also to applaud them!

Soon I hope

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alba Fashion creativity show

Group Photo

It was a great show and even if our best friend in SL, Mr Lag, did not release us a few disturbances came to disturb us, perhaps for Lua and Suzie.

Nina & Debbie

I will use this time to tell sorry to Suzie ;-). Indeed, towards the end of the show she asked whether she were not Topless, she was seeing herself topless. As Iw as behind her , I saw her back and could her shirt, I thus answered her that not, for me she was well. But later when she had turn, in fact her breast was naked, her shirt remaining quite open. I already can hear the question of the assiduous males reader seeking a photograph of the event, I answer immediately: not I didn't took any photography :-)


Apart this incident which is Secondlife and network risks all had run almost good :-) .

I had the privilege to turn with Debbie and Laylah. Maybe Nina had more suffered of the lag, and we did our turns and while remaining patient one could evolve/move without concern and do one crowned job as say some.

Lisana also did a great job, not only she was performing too but she also guided us and organized all around us.


Lua in a superb behaviour pink-violet

I now let you look at these photos, I could take some at the end, they will tell more about Alba' Creativity

It happened in Classical with Style.

See you soon in world.

(English Translation of french Mesange official website )

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CWS Finale 2010 Best Gothic/halloween

The Gothic just like Halloween are not really my kind of topics. Despite everything I was registered with this contest of Classical with Style before very taking part and seeing how are held these contests.

As I had joined it a little late, I was in a hurry. And before all I must thank Debbie and Aisha for their support.

This Finale proceeded in two parts: the first part was in Gothic, we had to stop 6 times at various places of the catway/stage and at each one playing 3 or 4 poses; the second part was Hallowen topic and was just to walk right towards the judges and to plays our poses until once our description presented we had to stand on the stahe and wait the end.

My Gothic Look

Aisha had nicely offered me an avatar for halloween and I decided to use it for the second round (turn). It allowed me to make a small humouristic “show”. Also I created some objects to make it still a little more crasy and I worked on his costume and the poses because I had the idea that the installations and the costumes would create the bond between the two turns.

For the first turn I created my own skin/make-up/tattoo to keep the bases of my face and not to look like anything, while taking this tone blafard and disaster. And even if it is an easy work for pros of SL, for me it was a new training.

My Halloween Look

Maybe I went too far in the bond between my two turns, and I did not explain it in my descriptions. What appeared obvious to me is not it inevitably for the others in this world of SecondLife where all must go fast and where the details are not used for nothing.

And I paid it rather expensive since the judges classified me before last. I believe, nevertheless, that my small “Halloween” show had pleased and gave fun and it is so much better.

In spite of the late time, very late for me in Europe, I evolved and moved exactly as I wished it, I remained concentrated and only the change of dress between the two turns posed a problem… SL crashed! but I could connect back very quickly.

It was my second contest this week and for the first time it was maybe too much. But no matter I cannot do anything and if it was to do again I will change nothing. I prefer to make something good and unique and finish the last than to just pay and play and win

I had a thought for those which in a way or another supported me: Aisha, Debbie, Laylah and Lua. I did all that while thinking of them and I really thank them.

P.S. The base of the misadventure of halloween was created by Jenne Dibou, I improved it to make it a little more insane.

( This page is an english translation of my french blog )

Monday, October 11, 2010

A great show on this 2010 Sat October 9th

The show last night at Classic With Style was great. Oh not perfect because of the problems that cause this famous net lag, but I think almost everyone / all models and the staff liked it.
This show was about nils Tomorrow Creation.

On one hand I was happy to finally be with Lua and Nina. If I'm not mistaken this is the first time I attend a show with Nina. And I was even happier that Lua is also involved as she celebrated her birthday this week in SL, then somehow this show was like a gift I had the right to share.

Another point that made me happy was featured Debbie! She introduces the show alone, pity concentrated on my own part I could not take pictures!

This time I think we were more models than usually. And our tours chained themselves very fast. We had to change very quickly! With SL lag it ... is sport ;-)

I did two turns, one with Diana, and the other with Kyralin. I was leading every turn and if everything went well with Diana, during my tour with Kyralin, Lisana made us dance! oh lala! good! I will not say by how the why but I thought my computer was going crazy or that I had typed a key inappropriate! Lisana then personal message: sioupli pas recommencer :-)
Lisana in the upper photo is the one on the left! you with the right to avenge myself by clicking on hers nose in the hope that it tickles her and sneeze do ;-)

This time SL has not been too bad and neither sim nor models have crashed. ... In short we have done :-)

During this show, I listened to the delightful music of Frank Harper that a friend advised me. If you love beautiful music rich melodious and captivating listen it here for free and you even have the right to download music on Jamendo is free.
Being on stage and move it by listening this ... makes everything easier, lighter. I experienced a great moment.

To all of you ... breathe and enjoy the beauty and peace that enriches life.

See you soon :-)

(English translation of Mesange french paper )

I just learned that Frank Harper will be in concert Nov. 5, 2010. I could not attend but if you're in germany in the area of Mannheim / Karlshrue please go there for me.
The announcement is here: http://www.jamendo.com/en/concert/1277