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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alba Fashion creativity show

Group Photo

It was a great show and even if our best friend in SL, Mr Lag, did not release us a few disturbances came to disturb us, perhaps for Lua and Suzie.

Nina & Debbie

I will use this time to tell sorry to Suzie ;-). Indeed, towards the end of the show she asked whether she were not Topless, she was seeing herself topless. As Iw as behind her , I saw her back and could her shirt, I thus answered her that not, for me she was well. But later when she had turn, in fact her breast was naked, her shirt remaining quite open. I already can hear the question of the assiduous males reader seeking a photograph of the event, I answer immediately: not I didn't took any photography :-)


Apart this incident which is Secondlife and network risks all had run almost good :-) .

I had the privilege to turn with Debbie and Laylah. Maybe Nina had more suffered of the lag, and we did our turns and while remaining patient one could evolve/move without concern and do one crowned job as say some.

Lisana also did a great job, not only she was performing too but she also guided us and organized all around us.


Lua in a superb behaviour pink-violet

I now let you look at these photos, I could take some at the end, they will tell more about Alba' Creativity

It happened in Classical with Style.

See you soon in world.

(English Translation of french Mesange official website )


  1. Oh my Lag lol was amazing, never haved that kind of lag with huds, invitations, synchro, but We DID It YAY!!!
    You and the girls was fantastic :))))))

  2. Oh Lua, Mr Lag had badly attached to you...
    But you did it YEAH!
    And without complaining. If you didn't tell me about the lag I could never know it had disturb you.
    Maybe it is a Lua gift secret :-)
    So one word : congrats !