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Monday, September 27, 2010

Pageant , Talent and Firework :-)

It is very difficult to relate an event so rich and even more when everything was quickly linked and when most of the participants were excellent!

It belonged to Classical with style yesterday.

According to my taste and criteria, at the end, two models were far of the others. They were, Aisha who won on 2010 Ms Beautiful (when Debbie ended 4th, yes! Look for the error!), and Debbie who won the title of Ms Beautiful Photogenic 2010.

The expression part of the talent was a little bit special, by group of three they had to make a show. Aisha group looked like all that we can see in all the clubs of dance or gogogirls, on the other hand Debbie group made a show as a play! This group deserved an award! An original idea, an evident work, a lot of imagination and a real entertainment, as if we were at Theater , such as we can't see it often in SL.

In hers parade, Aisha was completed, maybe even too much, sometimes the best is ennemy of the good, but we cannot make a criticism. And I think that it is above that she can make the difference. Debbie seems to have a little more suffered from the lag and it had ben maybe in her disfavour. But well both won a prize and it is great.

They have all lot of merit as the Sim crashed at the beginning and during the parade of Emma's introduction. It's a pity because Emma is as well excellent, fortunately she was not in the competition. But afterward everything was very well and right.

Still congrats to Aisha, and especially to Debbie for her work, her imagination and what she brings to us all.

See you all later :-)

(Translation of Mesange Acacia french blog)

Friday, September 24, 2010

That of brides!

The competition(help) of yesterday had for subject the brides.

It gave me the opportunity to dress for the first time a bridal dress! And taht happened in Classical with style once again.
This competition attracted many competitors and for the first time in these competition of Thursday, by moments, I was able to feel little of lag. All these beautiful swirling white dresses.

I particularly liked Lua's dress, and it is not because I like her, she was the only one in sexy short dress and she brought some whim.

Then I also loved Kiralyn. But this time, also participating, I was not really able to follow everybody.

In any case the best were there, in any case almost any best; it was thus a difficult competition and above all for the judge who was Debbie!

Lacamal had chooses a suit / dress of Japanese inspiration, she gained(won) the competition(help) and merit for its original inspiration also.
Kiralyn ended second, and the third was Mrs Bondar.

It was a funny evening, but most hard was to have to go to train for the shows. In brief in the middle of the night I was able to find my pillow and to put to sleep me profoundly.

I forgot to take photos and I regret it especially since the dress of Lua deserved to be shown.

In any case see you soon I hope

(translation of Mesange french blog)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pajamas topmodels :-)

That takes place like that at CWS;-)

First Lua contest Judgement
Today the event was pajamas. But for me this competition had another meaning! Lua was the judge and it was hers first judgment time.
If she was a judge it was because she had won the last competition. And I was the judge..
I hesitated to participate because I did not want to put her the pressure to return the favour to me.
But I did not hesitate for a long time. Lua is intelligent and I knew that she would think of the same matter than me and would know that I waited for no dismissal of elevator. And it was completed and Debbie won and she deserved it amply!

Friendly Lua put me on the podium and Suzie is the third (see photo opposite)

In Sl Lua is as my set. She has some experience while I am new she has some taste while I try only to have it. But in our life of topmodel we seem to follow the same road.
We were in the same school of the month of July, 2010. We attended the same class(course), we underwent the same stress at the same moment, we were graduated at the same time and now we are judges almost at the same time.

Lua hold a fascinating blog, if you are in SL do not hesitate to follow it and thus to follow HER.

This evening besides Debbie, Suzie and me there were also Diana, Aisha, Emma, Lacamal and so many others but I cannot speak about all.

It is always a big pleasure to make shows with Debbie, Emma, Aisha we can be sure that everything will take place well! LaCamal brings by its humor and its looseness a lot. For me, her only one twists is to be of the special offer of the month of August and not of July;-)

I have to make a small criticism to our Day judge. Lua you kept us waiting for such a long time on stage in pajamas! The next time tell to Steve or Anrol or Lisana to stop the air conditioning;-)

Thanks to all and goodbye:-)

(translation of Mesange french blog)

Friday, September 10, 2010

To be a judge for the first time

I did not expect it. Yesterday I was called to be a judge of the Styling.
Having never been one, I was a little put under stress. It is the best way to be made enemies because in this kind of competition :-), there is a lot of subjectivity and only one will win.

It was also not easy because Lua was one of the competitors and I had to try to remain the most impartial possible. With Lua we did the same training course, graduate at the same time and I could imagine what she could feel.

We have a too short time to write many notes if we want to look at everything because the turns are quickly linked, so we notice more hard the blatant errors.

I was luck to had no lag so I could follow each one right.

Yesterday they were almost all pretty good. Details made the difference. Once the calculation was made, the four first ones were held between 3 or 4 points on 50! So I had changed nothing and let the result as the calculation gave it.

And so Lua won with near her, Svea 2nd and ntaly 3rd.

Some was good but lost a stop. Lisana, Taby, Laylah, Veronica Debbie etc. spend lot of time to teach for free this basic training for the competition, so to move right is mandatory and I had to notice it. To be concentrated on the move and stop is needed.

The hardest was to judge Ladysunfire, she did a great job, had a great outfit but was not in the Topic of this angel thema. I'm pretty sure she will won many others time.

It was too an excellent training for me. I can now know what the judges see and how their decision maybe difficult to take. I also learnt to look at the slightest detail with an a little more critical spirit.

I would now like to congrat all the participants, and thank Anrol, Steve and Lisana who relied on me.

Don't forget these contests are free, just join one of the free training to know the move and stops and then come in time.

It happened in Classical with Style.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I won but the trophy is part of you

I won but I had lot of fun to prepare this styling fashion event in Classical with Style .

President and 1rst lady... What to do with this topic? I got the answer only in the morning and had begun to work on the President , but was not quiet sure to be able to do show with humor. Debbie had encouraged me and when my afternoon came, near the event time, it was too late to think about another idea.

I can tell it was hours of work! Lucky I had found a freebie making an av to follow you, but that was not all, I should build his shape and tux him and make his talonnettes under his shoes , then thinking of my own performance as the 1rst lady but also singer I had to prepare a guitar/song poses for the bio part of the show ;-)

Sometimes SL allows you to surprise yourself and today it's what had happened to me. Until yesterday I was far to think I could make this kind of show. I had lot of fun working and preparing it and after I was pleased to see and hear the audience applauding and laughing, then I was already thanks.

I surely could never do that each time, But when the inspiration comes and when you think you will carry some smiles to others then all become easy.

I should thanks Debbie and Svea who were on the podium with me, lady and Victoria who had nice words to me, and sure Didier who made me win and Lisana who does a lot, and so Steve with the hope he had laugh too :-)

A not easy topic, but at the end lot of fun.
I won but this trophy is part of you all who had help and/or welcome me.

I wish you a good SL and RL time :-)

P.S. Didn't I tell enough? is there no picture? what do I talk about? no worries I was ask to do it again in finals so you will be welcome to come and have fun with us. :-)