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Monday, October 11, 2010

A great show on this 2010 Sat October 9th

The show last night at Classic With Style was great. Oh not perfect because of the problems that cause this famous net lag, but I think almost everyone / all models and the staff liked it.
This show was about nils Tomorrow Creation.

On one hand I was happy to finally be with Lua and Nina. If I'm not mistaken this is the first time I attend a show with Nina. And I was even happier that Lua is also involved as she celebrated her birthday this week in SL, then somehow this show was like a gift I had the right to share.

Another point that made me happy was featured Debbie! She introduces the show alone, pity concentrated on my own part I could not take pictures!

This time I think we were more models than usually. And our tours chained themselves very fast. We had to change very quickly! With SL lag it ... is sport ;-)

I did two turns, one with Diana, and the other with Kyralin. I was leading every turn and if everything went well with Diana, during my tour with Kyralin, Lisana made us dance! oh lala! good! I will not say by how the why but I thought my computer was going crazy or that I had typed a key inappropriate! Lisana then personal message: sioupli pas recommencer :-)
Lisana in the upper photo is the one on the left! you with the right to avenge myself by clicking on hers nose in the hope that it tickles her and sneeze do ;-)

This time SL has not been too bad and neither sim nor models have crashed. ... In short we have done :-)

During this show, I listened to the delightful music of Frank Harper that a friend advised me. If you love beautiful music rich melodious and captivating listen it here for free and you even have the right to download music on Jamendo is free.
Being on stage and move it by listening this ... makes everything easier, lighter. I experienced a great moment.

To all of you ... breathe and enjoy the beauty and peace that enriches life.

See you soon :-)

(English translation of Mesange french paper )

I just learned that Frank Harper will be in concert Nov. 5, 2010. I could not attend but if you're in germany in the area of Mannheim / Karlshrue please go there for me.
The announcement is here: http://www.jamendo.com/en/concert/1277

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Great JayGee Show on Oct 2nd

Last Saturday on October 2nd, 2010 Classical with style organized a show, in the beach, based on the clothes of JayGee. For once not too much of lag and almost everybody felt at ease.
If I missed Lua, between Lisana, Aisha, Emma and Debbie the show was assured.

On the photo above you can notice the presence of our quite new male model, who is Sid.
Sid did not make all the show but made the introduction and the close :-)

Sometimes the images say more than words and as I participated in this show, I cannot have full outside feelings, but I take advantage of this paper to present those who for me were magnificent and we make a magnificent performance.

Aisha wins easily competition, she is always completed, concentrated on her subject she is impressionante by her peace and her quality. To watch at her working is always a lesson.

To have twice been guided by her at the same time as Laylah had made me discover their mutual talent. With Nina and Emma, Laylah and Aisha is of model fine ladies.

Emma is a little bit different from Aisha but it is always an invaluable help for the others. I do not know her too much but I was already able to estimate(appreciate) his(her,its) high qualities. To work with her is also very pleasant.

Lisana is our leader. I do not go fayoter:-). But it was the first time when I did a turn with her during a show. I cannot judge it, on the contrary I would like that she judges me a little more and in a more critical way. She returns everything easier, she is naturally completed and with her we can almost evolve blindly. In brief my tour(ballot) with her was a delight and I hope to have étée at the height.

For all of us the new ones, Debbie is a little our mama. With her I have a lot learnt and thus I know that I cannot be objective. She knows what to do, she has great taste, and is a kind of leader except peer.
Many of us owe to her a lot.

Sometimes Sl is magic and these persons participate in it made the job with as a real pleasure.

I know the perfection is never to be reach but some try to approach it as closed ad possible .

It is a little the perfect part which we create and I too can dream only by looking at them.

See you soon, I hope....

(english translation of official Mesange Acacia blog , see more there about the pictures)