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Friday, June 10, 2011

On a Dark sad but beautiful music

All the time spent to learn and create videos doesn't allow me to write a lot here.
Working on videos is new for me and I like it more and more. I'm still a newbie but maybe I could speak more easily and better.
Sometimes I'm captivated and impressed by a music I listen and this new Video was build upon and from it.

If you dislike to see me then just close you eyes and listen. ;-)

This music is To Dream with you from Desaparecido (Disapeared) album
by Jorgestrada.

Thanks a lot to Jorgestrada for sharing this great music.

The outfit I wear was the one I had wear at the Hypnose CWS show on 2011 Sat June 4th, and was created by Nany Piaggio.

This music is free under Creative Commons License and you can find it on Jamendo website.

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